limestone bass tournament series

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$50 dollars a year. HOW YOUR MEMBERSHIP WORKS........ Your membership allows you to fish in limestone bass tournaments. 1 person in the boat needs to hold a membership in the tournament. If nobody holds a membership in the boat you are disqualified from the tournament. You will be provided a membership card. Please remember to bring it as you may need to provide it to the coordinators for confirmation.

Membership Deadline


The deadline to apply for a membership will be on / or before the morning before the 2nd tournament date of the limestone bass tournaments...July 24/2021.....before blast off. If you want to fish any tournaments after this date you need to be a member or have a membership holder with you. Look below on how you can make your membership payment.

The membership fee is $50.00 for the year. Payment can be made in person or can be E-transfer (To: . The security question can be emailed to me . Please no cheques. Memberships are only available up to  7AM  July 24/2021. ( Morning of the second bass tournament