limestone bass tournament series

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 LIMESTONE BASS is a bass tournament event . The coordinator of this event will be the one that excepts your Limestone bass form/ membership and allows you to fish. No form... No.. participating . We keep it on file so we know who your are in case of a emergency, update, changes, etc. Participants only need to fill it out  for the year. Prior years form can be accepted if info has not changed.Please keep info updated. The form is available on the site or you can copy it and give it to us or send it back filled out and by email. We also have them available for you at any event .


$50 dollars a year. HOW YOUR MEMBERSHIP WORKS........ Your membership allows you to fish in limestone bass tournaments. 1 person in the boat needs to hold a membership in the tournament. If nobody holds a membership in the boat you are disqualified from limestone bass tournament. I will give you a membership card so if you are asked

you can show it to the  coordinators if need be.

Membership Deadline

The deadline to apply for a membership will be on / or before the morning before the 2nd tournament date of the limestone bass tournaments....JULY 24 /2021.....before blast off. If you want to fish any tournaments after this date you need to be a member

* ENTRY FEE for each tournament ......... $60 per boat.........or posted otherwise, collected before tournaments.

*Tournament hours See limestone bass schedule.

NEW RULE 2020 Format- 100% payback event on how many boats participate. Payout,35% 1ST  25% 2ND 15% 3RD 10% 4TH 5% 5TH  1BF 5%  2ND BF 5%  return chip at weigh- in ...... ( this payout structure is for bass  tournaments only )  Crappie tournament payout is 40% 1st 30% 2nd 20% 3rd and 10% prize chip draw .*** please be advised that pay structure can change depending on # of boats entered. Participants per boat are 1 or 2 people only

*SAFTEY- PFD for everyone in your boat. PFD on your body the right way it was designed to be when the main motor is running at anytime. (exception out in front of launch before and after event). The motor kill switch is to work properly and be attached to the boat operator when motor is running. You must have a PCOC to drive any boat in this event. NO TROLLING

*Tournament Waters On the LBS . Fish only the water/lakes that are listed.

*WEIGHT-IN= 4 bass total weight. All alive. Fish that are dying will be looked at and will be determined if they can be weighed in. If weighed and it can not survive a penalty will be imposed as a deduction = half of the fishes total weight. Scales are opened closed at the weigh masters discretion and his decision.

*Blast-off The order in which  you pay is the order in which you we be sent off. If that person is not ready to go ( use a thumbs down sign) then the next will go.

*Boat Inspection NO live bait. AT anytime the coordinator can inspect your boat. Livewell must be in working order.

*Tournament Ethics****      Everyone is to exercise good sportsmanship and judgement towards others. Things like crowding,cutting off,etc,etc are not what we need to do to make this event successful and enjoyable. Everything that has merit can be discussed we the event coordinator at anytime. Safety of everyone and most important is  to make this event fun. So when you think your ethics are good enough maybe stop and think on making them great instead.

*Boat launch I would ask that all participants of the limestone bass event please be helpfull to the public . They have a purpose there as well as we do. Give them the right of way and help them if you can. Positive feedback make us a better event.

*Pre- Tournament fishing Allowed up to 3 days prior to events of the limestone bass schedule. If seen on the lake within these 3 days.... you will not be able to participate in that schedule event. The event coordintor is allowed on the lakes at anytime but only to look and not to fish.

*Rules These rules are enforced by everyone that participate in the limestone bass event. They are subject to change at anytime with the coordintors approval.

** The limestone bass wishes everyone lots of fun, laughs, respect. Good Luck and STAY SAFE.